Red Wine and Hot Baths do not a Good Combination Make!

Red Wine and Hot Baths do not a Good Combination Make!

Tonight I thought I’d wind down with a hot bubble bath and a glass of Meier’s Red Seedling. I’ve been working out extra hard lately (front squatted 25# for the first time in almost a year!) and have been icing muscles all day, so a bath sounded like a nice way to relax some persistent spasms.

I should’ve known beforehand that this was not the brightest idea, but it just sounded so….relaxing. And it was! Maybe a little too relaxing, though.

See, when EDS manifests cardiovascularly (that’s your heart and blood vessels, kiddos), it tends to cause problems with low blood pressure. Often this leads to a diagnosis of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome secondary to EDS.

Although I have yet do be Dx’ed with POTS, I identify with those who have. Ever stand up too fast and get dizzy or see stars? Try dealing with that on a more regular basis. I’m not saying that happens every time I stand up, but it does happen pretty darn often.

So what does this have to do with a bubble bath and some vin? Well most of us know the effects alcohol has on equilibrium. (The nutritionist in me really wants to talk about how red wine might help prevent coronary artery disease, but I won’t!). When you add that to a situation where very warm temperatures are actively dilating my blood vessels and therefore lowering my already low blood pressure, it makes for a dizzying situation.

Fortunately I did not pass out…this time (it did happen once with a hot tub that got too hot)! However, I had to be very cautious and deliberate in how I got up and got out of the tub. One quick move and I knew I’d be down and seeing stars.

But it’s worth seeing black for 30 seconds or so when I stand up to experience that rare sensation of relaxation!

Ah, the sacrifices we make to feel better 🙂


2 thoughts on “Red Wine and Hot Baths do not a Good Combination Make!

  1. Hi. I just stumbled upon your blog from and I think it is great! My girlfriend has EDS and I see so much of what you write about, in her (She is just 23, so the life issues at this point are super similar). I think your blogging is inspirational and an incredible way to make people aware of EDS and other invisible illnesses. I told her about this in hopes she will start to blog. You are truly an inspiration with your positive attitude, and I know how hard that can be sometimes. Keep doing what you’re doing!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! The idea of starting a blog was pretty scary at first, but seeing it begin to impact others is a sign that I’m doing something of real value. Please give your girlfriend my best and keep working on getting her started on a blog! 🙂

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