These Boots were Made for Riding

These Boots were Made for Riding

Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about horses!


Over the past two and a half years, these boots have seen more than 20 horse shows and hundreds of hours in the saddle.  They’ve taken me to horse shows in Dayton, at Ohio State University, Miami University, Ohio University and Otterbein University as well as private barn shows, open shows at the county fair and beginner lessons I’ve taught locally.

They’ve seen me go flying off a horse between jumps and straight into a jump standard.  They’ve seen me thrown into a wall by a horse that was just a little too quick.  And they’ve been with me through the ankle and knee pain necessary to become a better rider.

These boots have learned, with me, to keep their heels down, toes out, and calves tight, regardless of whether or not I have stirrup irons.

They’ve been cleaned, conditioned, polished and repeat, dozens of times, with the love of an owner who knows how much they cost and how long they need to last.

These boots have received the sideways glances and stares while being worn to class when I just didn’t have time to change after a lesson, and they’ve walked the aisles of Meijer, Kroger and Giant Eagle more times than they’d like to admit.

These boots have seen the tears of defeat and, more importantly, the tears of joy that come from a really great round.

My journey with these boots has only begun, and so far they’ve accompanied me to great things 🙂


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